Improving access to MOUD treatment at home.

The iPill dispenser safely and securely delivers medication assisted therapy (MOUD) through its patent-protected device.

How it works

The opioid epidemic remains unchecked with over 111,000 drug overdose deaths at a cost of $1.5 trillion last year.

We have medications to save lives but patients cannot access them.

Two million people are in treatment and an estimated 20 million more need treatment but cannot access it. Suboxone is a medication to treat opioid use disorder (OUD) that reduces the opioid death rate by greater than 50%, but only 1/3 of OUD clinics use it, and 1.5% of jails use it. Doctors hesitate to prescribe MOUD for fear of patient misuse, diversion, or accidental overdose of others in the household.

iPill is a secure medication dispenser that helps remove barriers to Suboxone OUD therapy by offering safe, effective, at-home treatment.

The Benefits

Controlled Dispensing

A secure, tamper-proof storage system ensures that only the prescription holder can access the proper dosage, at the proper time.

Destruction of Unused Pills

iPill automatically destroys any unused pills at the end of 30 days or immediately if the device is tampered.

At-Home Treatment

iPill can be sent directly to patients, prefilled with OUD medications so they can dispense medication in the comfort of their own home, removing barriers to treatment.

Improved Adherence and Accountability

Patients as well as family, friends, or caregivers can be notified if a daily medication dose is missed so remediation can occur.

Additional Features

Secure storage to prevent misuse, diversion or accidental overdoses

Biometric authentication for controlled dispensing to prescription holder only

Change subjective patient reporting in 4-6 intervals to daily objective data so physicians can individualize care to improve healthcare

With the secure storage feature, the iPill dispenser can be sent directly to patients’ homes

Remote medication adherence monitoring for enhanced treatment retention

Reimbursement with opioid litigation settlement funds and remote therapeutic monitoring codes

Detection and remediation of a missed daily dose of a medication with alerts to the patient, family, friends, and caregivers to encourage accountability

iPill can video record the patient ingesting medication and store the data in the cloud for immediate or later review by providers as needed

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